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  • Mats, you have been close to the WM Trophy after the final…..

  • MH:

    Yes, it was a nice feeling, because even now it all feel a bit increadible. It was not what was to be expected, for the team and also for myself. I need to realise this all first. But I suspect I´m going to be happy. It´s been a great world cup.

  • We know from Dortmund that you need some time before you can enjoy victories. What was going on in your head during the moments from the end of the game and the award ceremony?

  • MH:

    I was mainly just exhausted. I haven´t been up to hundred percent before the game, because my knee was causing a problem. I was physically completely drained in the end of the game. That´s why there was emptyness and happyness inside me at the same time. I don´t know how to describe it.

  • Do you already have a feeling how great and important this success on sunday was?

  • MH:

    No, not yet. It´s hard to evaluate. I have received some nice photos from home. It looks very spectacular on the streets. But for us it is first of all nice for us ourselfes, personally, that we won the title. The big whole thing will come on Tuesday when we will arrive in Berlin at the Fanmeile.

  • Do you get an idea of the greatness of that title when you look into the exhausted faces of Miro Klose and Bastian Schweinsteiger who have hunted the trophy for longer, and were near tears?

  • MH:

    It´s not all day that the boys react so emotionally. We don´t talk round about it: the word-cup title is the greatest and nicest what a soccer player can win, even it´s not the most sportive demanding one. It´s clear that in a moment like that you will get overwhelmed by your emotions.

  • Even Mario Götze seemed to be emotional….

  • MH:

    He scored the crucial goal. That was probably the biggest moment in his carreer. If he would have stayed calm after that I´d not know what´s going on in his head…(laughs)

  • Your great teamsprit played a essential part in the worldcup. When did you realise that there may really be growing something?

  • MH:

    There wasn´t an exact point of time where you could see it. But back in Südtirol we sensed that we get along very well. That continued at Campo Bahia. We grew together there. You don´t sit in your hotel room , you talk together, get to know each other better. This feeling of comradship has done a lot for the success. Without team-spirit it would have been extremly difficult to win the title.

  • Not everything went easy during this worldcup. After the Algerien-game the performance of the DFB-Team has been criticised. Did it make you grow together even more?

  • MH:

    Of course you know what´s been written. But we could deal with it. In the end the media works like that. Maybe it can´t be sold if it wasn´t like that. The extremes are too far appart from each other, some middle-way would be the right way, usually.

  • When Mario Götze hold up the Marco Reus Trikot, it´s been a very emotional moment. Had the thoughts after the game been with those how couldn´t be with you?

  • MH:

    Yes, for those who couldn´t be there Gündogan, Schmelzer, Bender-Zwillinge, Reus) it was very sad. Unfortunatly it won´t help them if you think about them and be compassionate. During the world cup we´ve always been in contact. Its´s been a pitty they couldn´t be there.. Especially because they are my friends.

  • The team is very young. What can be accieved in the next years?

  • MH:

    After the world cup 1990 there was the famous sentence from Beckenbauer: that we will be undefeatable in the upcomming years….(laughs) We know that during the next years we will have one of the best teams of the world. But that´s not good if you don´t use it. You need the right mentalitiy and a good system on the ground or you won´t win anything.

  • The game against Argentina was a real touchstone for tactic and attitute….

  • MH:

    Definitly. It´s been all in all an exhausting world cup. But you need to go over this pressure, you need to bite. This is what you could see against Argentina with every one of us. Those victories are maybe the most enjoyable ones, because you need to overcome yourself for every duel.

  • Will there be a run on german players, like after the win of the title in 1990?

  • MH:

    There will be an increased interesst. But the bundesliga is not behind other leagues in international comparisson, only behind england, maybe, because even the least team spends millions of money. I think Germany is interesting, there is no need to leave.

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