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Winning the semi doesn’t give us anything. The win over Brazil does not have any impact on the final on Sunday because it will be a totally different game. It was nice how it went in Belo Horizonte, but it will be no problem keeping our feet on the ground. We know how hard it will be in the final. It will be a hard fight and the only chance we have of winning is if we know and accept that from the start. In the dressing room at half-time and after the match we just made it clear that we had to stay focused and not get carried away with this. We said we had to stay serious and concentrate. We know we are one of the best teams in the world but you always need a bit of luck, and on Tuesday we had that luck. But if we now lose the final, this semi-final will not be worth anything. By Mats Hummels (via hummelshoch2)